SurfProtect® Content filtering that works for you

One of the best content filtering solutions on the market today, SurfProtect gives you complete control over your filtering, letting you get the exact level of filtering that you want. So that you get even more choice, we offer three different versions of SurfProtect, each bringing you a range of different advantages. On this page, we’re taking a look at how each version of SurfProtect works, and how they can help you, whether you’re keeping students at your school safe online or want to improve your company’s productivity and security.

Whichever version of SurfProtect you choose, you can be sure of high-quality filtering. Once you’ve decided which version of SurfProtect will work best for you, head over to our SurfProtect Resources page for some in-depth looks at how to get the best results when you’re using SurfProtect.

Compare the different SurfProtect versions

Feature Cloud Proxy Fusion
Complete Filtering Customisation
Prevent Duty Compatible
Traffic Logging
Umbrella Filtering Policies
Website Content Classification
Site Multi-Classification
Restrict Social Media
Instant Application of Filtering Changes
BYOD / Employee Device Filtering
HTTPS Filtering*
Full User Reports
Application Control
Search + Youtube Filtering
Individual User Filtering
Firewall Hardware
Per-Computer Filtering

* SurfProtect Cloud and Proxy can entirely block HTTPS sites, but can't filter within them, while Fusion can.

High quality content filtering with SurfProtect Cloud

SurfProtect Cloud is designed to work with Internet connections from Exa Networks, using their public IP address to determine a profile and apply settings. Providing real-time classification of any accessed site, Cloud lets you completely filter any HTTP site, no matter what device you’re using.

With SurfProtect Cloud, you can:

• Completely control your filtering policy, deciding exactly what categories and sites to block;
• Create various user and computer classification groups and use different filtering settings for these;
• Update filtering in real time to quickly block harmful sites or unblock useful material;
• Filter the Internet on any device using your network;
• Easily update and order filtering settings through our intuitive web panel;
• Restrict social media, and far more.

Cloud offers a great range of features, and is entirely free with any Exa Internet connection, giving you a useful and versatile filtering option.

If you want to find out more about SurfProtect Cloud, just give us a call at 0345 145 1234!

Filter from any computer with SurfProtect Proxy

Using SurfProtect Proxy, you can use filtering settings from any computer, even if you don’t have an Internet connection from Exa. Proxy is designed to let you get our high quality content filtering if you’re not using one of our connections, while providing partial HTTPS filtering options for your convenience.

Bringing you the same kind of service SurfProtect Cloud users recieve, Proxy gives you the following features and more:

• Complete control over how your filtering policy works to cut out site categories and more;
• Partial filtering of HTTPS sites, letting you block sites entirely;
• Real-time filtering updates via an intuitive web portal;
• Network-level filtering to protect any device using your network;
• The ability to totally block social media, games sites and more.

We provide SurfProtect Proxy subscriptions completely free if you’re using any Internet connection from Exa, but if you’re not, we just charge £500 a year for the service. Get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how SurfProtect Proxy can benefit you!

Complete filtering solutions with SurfProtect Fusion

Built to give you absolutely complete control over how your filtering policy works, SurfProtect® Fusion is a hardware-based content filtering solution, which means that you can completely filter content on HTTPS sites, restrict access to certain apps, and get comprehensive reports on how your users are accessing the Internet.

SurfProtect Fusion’s reports cover a huge range of different areas, giving you:

• A real-time look at what websites are being accessed and requested;
• A historical, searchable log of website requests;
• Graphical representations of how your organisation uses the Internet;
• CSV-exportable reports for convenient analysis and storage;
• The ability to search data by username and website to identify any causes for concern, and far more.

Using SurfProtect Fusion, you’ll be able to:

• Filter any kind of site using the filtering settings that you choose;
• Set up filtering classification groups for any number of users, from single computers on up;
• Quickly update any filtering settings in real time with our web panel;
• Browse detailed reports on Internet usage through our panel;
• Allow or block specific pages within a site;
• Prevent access to certain apps, such as Twitter and Facebook;
• Block online searches for designated keywords;
• Easily apply preset umbrella filtering settings, design custom policies, and far more.

As the most advanced content filtering system we offer here at Exa Networks, SurfProtect Fusion is a great choice for any business or school that wants complete control over how their filtering works. While our other filtering options are free for our customers, we charge for the hardware involved in Fusion, along with maintenance and warranty costs (which depend upon the type of firewall that you’re using).

Find out more about how SurfProtect Fusion can benefit you today! Just call our expert team at 0345 145 1234!

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